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Latest Hi-Tech Equipment

At Definitive Dental we don’t bring you yesterday’s technology.
All of our team are committed to staying up to date with the latest developments in dental treatment and technology.
A selection of our latest technology includes;

Cerec Same Day Crowns / Inlays
These all porcelain restorations are done via a special computer which captures the image of the prepared tooth and a robot cuts a porcelain block which produces a perfect replica of the missing section of tooth, which is then bonded to the existing tooth, to restore it to its original shape.  This provides a stronger, longer lasting and durable restoration, all completed in the one appointment!

Intra-Oral and Extra-Oral Cameras
Intra-oral and Extra-Oral Cameras are important diagnostic and educational tools. An Intra-oral camera is a tiny camera that is used to take digital photos of your teeth. With these images, we can show you any dental problems that are occurring within the mouth – e.g. decay, plaque build up or gum disease. This allows you patients to get a better understanding of your dental health and to ‘see what the Dentist sees’. Our state of the art digital SLR camera is used to capture your smile with professional quality images. This allows us to work with you to determine what features of your teeth you wish to change when creating your perfect smile. These photographs are also used to communicate with our lab technicians the required colours and shapes for any cosmetic treatments.

Digital X-rays
Digital x-rays use as little as 10% of the radiation required for conventional x-rays so they’re much better for you. As they are processed digitally, waiting time is eliminated and you can view your images immediately on-screen. With this technology we can also enlarge and enhance images ensuring more accurate diagnoses.

ZOOM! In-Surgery Whitening
ZOOM! In-Surgery Whitening is performed by Anthony in one of our dental rooms. It is a safe, effective and very fast way to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Rotary Endodontics
This is a recent technology favoured by Root Canal Specialists which allows for quicker treatment times with increased patient comfort and extremely successful results. So now if you suffer the misfortune of an abscessed tooth, it can most likely be treated comfortably in house without the need of being referred to an Endodontist.