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Night Guard Devices

At Definitive Dental we use the latest generation of Night Guard devices to restore your mouth to a healthy state.

Night Guards are worn while you sleep to decrease muscular activity and the grinding of your teeth.
Night Guards are made of strong medical plastic and stop teeth from coming together, preventing further wear on tooth surfaces and helping to restore bite. They look similar to an orthodontic retainer or a sports mouthguard and fit comfortably over the upper teeth.

Bruxism is the technical name for clenching or grinding your teeth. Bruxism causes people to unintentionally bite down too hard, often while they are sleeping. Grinding can cause teeth to wear down and fracture. It can also lead to gum and jaw problems. Many people are unaware they suffer from Bruxism. It can be caused by stress, sleep disorders, or an unconscious attempt to smooth out a poor bite.
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